Inauguration of an itinerant exhibition about coral reefs in New Caledonia

BEST is very happy to announce that one of our grantees from the Pacific, the Association PALA DALIK, has just inaugurated its travelling exhibition about coral reefs “PROXI-RECIFS se jette à l’eau” on 23 February in Noumea, the capital city of New Caledonia.

This animated and itinerant exhibition aims to inform, educate and raise awareness of the preservation of this ecosystem. It highlights the importance and the key role that coral reefs play in the local biodiversity by focusing on different themes such as the functioning of the reefs, their health, the services they provide, the pressures threatening their survival and the commitment of citizens to their preservation.

PROXI-RECIFS is intended for all audiences and offers educational and entertaining activities. During 2022, the exhibition will be presented to the public in schools, in tribes and at community events in the three provinces.

This touring exhibition is the core element of “Les recifs en itinerance”, a project that has been awarded by the BEST 2.0+ Programme.

PALA DALIK has been working since 2011 to preserve New Caledonia’s coral reefs by monitoring their health and raising awareness among New Caledonians about their protection.