Restoring coral reefs in the Caribbean

The Earthshot Prize, an ambitious environmental programme launched by Prince William and Sir David Attenborough and aimed at finding new ideas and technologies around the world to tackle the climate crisis, revealed their 5 winners last Sunday 17 October in London.

Among them, there was Coral Vita, a land-based coral farm in the Bahamas with a project to restore dying coral reefs by growing coral in tanks at a rate 50 times quicker than traditional methods.

With the same aim to aid the recovery of degraded populations of coral reefs on the Caribbean island of Bonaire, BEST 2.0+ is proud to enable the project “Larval propagation: an innovative technique to scale-up Bonaire’s reef restoration program” , led by Reef Renewal Bonaire.

This project will complement and scale-up the existent island coral restoration efforts based on coral fragmentation, thus building the capacity to significantly improve the health, function, and genetic diversity of the island coral reefs, said Francesca Virdis, coordinator of the project. “Saving coral reefs is one of the greatest challenge of our time. We have to get together now and join forces to make a difference and preserve this uniquely biodiverse and stunning ecosystems”, she added.

If you want to dive into this project and other activities that Reef Renewal Bonaire is engaged with, check their website here.